Translations and their categories

Ferenc Veres lion at
Wed Aug 20 21:00:11 CEST 2008


Ferenc Veres írta, 2008-08-19 23:44 keltezéssel:
> Hm, I think Dolfje already started this change.

One important note about this:

If the category does not have a PAGE (created by pressing edit on the 
category page itself), then not logged in visitors cannot list the contents.

Try to go to:

Find a red category, e.g. GTA02 Hardware/nl is red at the moment. If you 
are not logged in, you get an access denied error. Thus you cannot 
access the /nl articles this way.

I fixed one page as a test, fastest fix (and language independent, and 
additionally a really useful one!) is to add the Languages template to 
the category page.

1. Users can list content without logging in
2. Users can switch to other lanugages



You must use this format in category to include the Languages template, 
the {{Language}} usual one won't work.


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