Translations and their categories

Ferenc Veres lion at
Fri Aug 22 00:29:33 CEST 2008

Hi all,

Alasal írta, 2008-08-21 23:57 keltezéssel:
> Renamings:
> GTA02 Hardware -> Neo FreeRunner Hardware
> Profile -> Profiles
> Protocol -> Protocols

I agree.

> Server -> Profiles (merging)

I don't know why "Server" is equal Profiles. I think server is for 
daemons, like gpsd, isn't it? (Category description is not clear, it 
explains server with the word server. :) )

> Test -> Test cases or Test plan or ...


> System_Developers -> System Software

-1 Software and developer is not the same. System software is GSPD, but 
system developers want to learn how to use OpenEmbedded.

> Application Developer -> Applications

Same here! -1 here. Application is Voice Mailbox, but Application 
Developer category is for tutorials about porting programs and using 
Toolchain and so on.

However I propsed to kill the two ARTICLES which try to "emulate" these 
categories but need manual updating:

> 200805 Software Test -> Test reports

Yes but... we must be careful to not break Openmoko team's daily 
workflow. E.g. the Training category you mention below. (Who knows... I 

> Removing:
> Openmoko (Duh, everything on the wiki is Openmoko related)

+1 :-)

> Power (There is only on page with that category)
> Power button (There are 2 page, but FreeRunner LED signals hasn't to do with
> Power button)

I took out the articles from these and put them in Speedy Deletion thing.

> Purchase (or try to rename it)

It's ok with me to keep this. What other name you would propose?

> Standard ([[DECT]] is the only standard and the page is almost empty)
> Training (Only one page)

The Openmoko team work question applies to these two. The guys may need 
a place for collecting info about related standards.


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