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Fri Aug 22 19:47:10 CEST 2008


By now, you probably noticed, there is a bot renaming the category 'GTA02
Hardware' to 'Neo FreeRunner Hardware'. Because it spams the recent change
list with things that aren't that interesting, I would suggest the user
'DolfjeBot1' gets a bot flag. (see for
more information)

What will DolfjeBot1 do?
That's a secret and will only be revealed when the experiment succeeds. But
till then it can happily rename categories. (After approval on the
documentation list). So I will not use the bot for editing category names.
You (the community) can ask me for doing it and I will put the bot to work
if there are enough votes. But I will never let the bot renaming only with
my vote. (Except for the 'GTA02 Hardware' to 'Neo FreeRunner Hardware' test
for testing it's functionality)
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