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Sat Aug 23 15:09:31 CEST 2008

Dear Sean, Alasal and coeditors,

  "Should the the langage bar goes on the top or on the bottom ?" is a problem 
with this design. I remember that it has already been moved around two or 
three times and discussed on the mailing list. This time we need to 

- Leave minutes of this debate in the "Discussion page" because it has already 
been discussed on the mailing list.
- Try to get a permanent solution.

  Having the langage chooser as a template in the editable part of the page is 
probably a hack. It should be designed to be part of all pages.

I support the idea that the side is probably a better place for it, but the 
proof of the pudding is in the eating (i.e. that should be tested).

  While OM admins are touching up the page layout, please move up the 
searchbox so that one do not need to scroll down to see it (is it a web 
design rule that the search box should appear in the top 400 pixels of any 
page ?).

  Also, trim the content of the side boxes, keep only what needs to appear on 
every pages of the site.

  The within-page tab-based switching between 
page / discussion / view source / history is simply incorrectly realized.
The visual metaphor of tab-based switching is that the tab (the dark grey area 
with the word "page" in it) should be an extension of the subpage. See 
examples :

I hope this mail does not go through as too blunt,
yours truly,
Le samedi 23 août 2008, Alasal a écrit :
> I think it should be better for placing the language bar on the top. Nobody
> will scroll to the bottom of a page they don't understand for maybe find a
> translated page. I actually think for letting my bot search for all the
> places where the translation bar isn't on top and put it on top. (Because
> during translation, many of the editors place the translation bar on the
> bottom). A second argument for putting the bar on top is that when new
> people hit the site, they can direct see if that page exists in their
> language.
> Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:
> > On 8/23/08 Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:
> >> I moved the language bar on the Main Page to the bottom. Since
> >> changing
> >> languages is something people will most likely only do once, I think
> >> it
> >> makes a lot more sense to push this "non-content" to the bottom of
> >> the
> >> page. Out of visible way for repeated visits.
> >
> > If anyone strongly thinks otherwise, feel free to change it back.
> > Obviously this is a subjective.
> >
> >    -Sean
> >
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