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Minh Ha Duong haduong at
Sun Aug 24 11:42:42 CEST 2008

Ideally everything should be accessible directly of course. But we are 
balancing the convenience of langage chooser on top against the inconvenience 
of moving the really interesting content further down. In my view the most 
important information item is the latest "News and events". If one has to 
scroll down to see that, then the design is dysfunctional. This is why I 
would move the langage box AND the detailed description paragraph to the 
That said, IMHO a page design should not be argued box-by-box but as a whole. 

BTW: The langage chooser height is actually  1.5 em * number of lines + 0.9 
em, not 35px.

Le samedi 23 août 2008, Alasal a écrit :
> On the top of every page, it only takes 35px of height of you screen. It is
> easy accessible and you can direct spot if that page exists in your
> language. On the left of the screen, it takes more height and you will need
> to scroll to see it all. So I would put it on top.
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