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  First, sorry I moved before discussion and you had to revert my changes. 
I have read the related threads:

and wish to try to summarize the debate. First I agree that "Category:XXX" 
pages should not display multiple versions of a page that differ only by the 
langage. There are three obvious ways:

1/ Fix the code displaying Category: pages as suggested by Ferenc:

2/ Make separate categories for each langage, as suggested by Marko and done 
by Alasal

3/ Separate languages at the top level, as in Wikipedia.

I understand that 1/ is technically better, but out of question since we 
editors don't have any mean to hack the wiki code. So it's 2/. In means that 
instead of cluttering the list of pages in a category we are cluttering the 
list of categories itself.

Question: would it solve both issues to systematically have XXX/fr as a 
subcategory of XXX ?

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