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BrendaWang brenda_wang at
Wed Aug 27 10:39:26 CEST 2008

I make a page like this :
And I want to put this on wiki sidebar(left side).
When I put this on the mediawiki:sidebar
It can't scroll.
Can anybody help this?


Then I
Minh Ha Duong 提到:
> Ideally everything should be accessible directly of course. But we are 
> balancing the convenience of langage chooser on top against the inconvenience 
> of moving the really interesting content further down. In my view the most 
> important information item is the latest "News and events". If one has to 
> scroll down to see that, then the design is dysfunctional. This is why I 
> would move the langage box AND the detailed description paragraph to the 
> bottom.
> That said, IMHO a page design should not be argued box-by-box but as a whole. 
> BTW: The langage chooser height is actually  1.5 em * number of lines + 0.9 
> em, not 35px.
> Minh
> --
> Le samedi 23 août 2008, Alasal a écrit :
>> On the top of every page, it only takes 35px of height of you screen. It is
>> easy accessible and you can direct spot if that page exists in your
>> language. On the left of the screen, it takes more height and you will need
>> to scroll to see it all. So I would put it on top.

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