List of technical documentation: is it a useful page? What should be here? What should not?

Ferenc Veres lion at
Wed Aug 27 20:33:38 CEST 2008

Hi all,

Michael Shiloh írta, 2008-08-25 23:36 keltezéssel:
> While searching for the list of /sys files I stumbled onto 

> My big concern is this: If there are multiple sources of information, 
> there is an excellent chance that they will be out of sync, leading to 
> confusion.
> Furthermore, this page requires that an author manually insert their 
> document into this page, increasing the chance that an excellent 
> technical document will in fact not be listed here. (Case in point: The 
> list of /sys files that I was seeking is in fact not here!)
> So I propose we get rid of this page. Perhaps a more useful way to 

I proposed the same thing earlier on Wiki issues (4 other "list pages")

I also tried to solve this issue by adding a list of most important 
articles of the category on top of the category page. This method is not 
100% successful yet.

(This table does not give a good overview, and does not really help 
navigation in the whole site. But that may also be caused by having the 
too many "subcategory" assignments. Anyway, now it looks better than I 

In brief: I agree with removing manually maintained out-of-sync article 
list pages, but we should try harder with category intros then. :-)


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