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Ferenc Veres lion at
Wed Aug 27 21:04:57 CEST 2008

Hi all,

Alasal írta, 2008-08-24 00:03 keltezéssel:
> Okay, I changed the phones page ( I
> think it's now worthy for replacing the Neo 1973 and Neo FreeRunner links in
> the navigation bar. I think that is necessary because we can't keep on
> adding new phones to the navigation box. There are already to much links in
> it. 

Hehe yes, the page is getting there now! Looks worthy to replace the two 
navigation menus now, thank you. +1.

I take the opportunity to oppose your secondary (third, fourth 
whatever!) navigational boxes. This is now a very good example. I mean 
the black box on the right side of:

First, on other pages (where it is longer), it looks like a TOC and I 
expect the page to scroll, not go away.

Second, if I take it as a menu, its random content change confuses me a 
lot, there is no way back and so on. Click "Neo FreeRunner", the menu 
metamorphoses into another! Click "Default Software" there, again.
"(Other distributions)", again, a very similar but different one.

Hm, and the introduction text in the box is also confusing sometimes, 
"Om 2008.8 is the successor of Om 2007.2". Since that's an intro, that 
sounds like if I was on the 2008.8 page.

Instead these we could add See Also links where necessary. And on the 
Phones page it's unnecessary.


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