RFC: I'd like to do a serious cleanup of the FAQ on the wiki

Michael Shiloh michael at openmoko.org
Thu Aug 28 02:09:29 CEST 2008

The FAQ [1] is in a sorry state and is very Neo 1973 specific. Things 
like [2] abound.

Is anyone working on this? Does anyone have thoughts or opinions?

I plan to start working on this shortly, so speak up quickly.


[1] http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/FAQ


Q: Are there any LEDs on the Neo 1973?
A: The Neo1973 P1/P2 will have no LEDs besides the screen backlight.

Q: Will a JTAG port be made available?
A: Included with purchase of The "Hacker's Lunchbox" (Advanced version).

There are exposed I2C, SPI and debug board connectors inside case in all 
versions and Debug Board v2 (JTAG and serial console) in Advanced 
version. Connecting Neo1973 with Debug Board v2 explains how to connect 
it to the phone.

Q: Will the JTAG interface that comes with GTA01 be compatible with GTA02?
A: Yes

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