The Om 2008.8 bar

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Thu Aug 28 12:23:22 CEST 2008


Here are my 2 cents on the 'Om 2008.8' bar located on

> Hey, but I have a few remarks on your changes. You said in the change log
> that you want to try something lighter for your eyes, but orange on white
> is more difficult to read. Especially because the text in the box isn't
> bolted. Btw. I placed the boxes for new people to Openmoko, so they can
> learn what's interesting to read by every subject. Things like 'info',
> 'guide', 'features', and 'programs' can everybody happily understand. If
> you are new to Openmoko and 'Om 2008.8' is already something new to you,
> you will not understand 'Qtopia keyboard' and 'The Illume wm'. Thirdly
> people are seeking for the 'homepage' of 'Om 2008.8' and don't find it,
> because they associate 'Release notes' with something difficult and very
> technical on that subject. Dolfje 08:24, 28 August 2008 (UTC) 

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