RFC: I'd like to do a serious cleanup of the FAQ on the wiki

Ferenc Veres lion at netngine.hu
Thu Aug 28 22:46:47 CEST 2008

Hi everyone,

Yes cleaning up the FAQ is good idea. I also tried with removing "What's 
the weight of Neo 1973", "What are the dimensions?" :-) But I gave up, 
because I was not sure about removing "Does it have bluetooth" and such 
things. (E.g. the Camera? And Wifi? Is still good FAQ candidate I think. 
Maybe moving to a new FR section.)

> http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Neo_FreeRunner_FAQ

This one has a serious disadvantage, it does not list questions in the 
TOC. So for formatting the original FAQ is better, IMHO.

> http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Getting_Started_FAQ

These two could be merged.

I think most of the Neo FreeRunner FAQ questions apply to Neo 1973 too 
(the software ones mainly, but probably some of the HW ones too).

Seeing the ones in Neo FreeRunner FAQ, like "How do I get GPS working", 
the Getting_Started_FAQ still looks well fitting title to these.

I will list a few here from the large FAQ which could be removed in my 
opinion; those which are asked at all lately IMHO. (Also taking into 
consideration that FR related FAQ-s will be added!) My "editor votes" :-)


- 1.3 Q: When and where can I buy a Neo 1973?
- 1.7 Q: What can I do with the Neo 1973?
- 1.11 Q: What does the Neo 1973 look like?

(FR questions exist for these.)

1.13 Q: What else do I need to know? ---> Change this to reflect that 
it's about frequencies.  (What GSM bands are supported?) Anyway, some of 
the 1st section are really an FR or Neo1973 question, thus needs to be 

- 2.13 Q: Why do you not build on top of the Maemo platform instead?

(Section 2 (Software) looks to have cool questions! Shortening the Skype 
and the MSN questions would be cool.)

- 3.2 Q: Does it have a camera?
- 3.3 Q: Does it have Wifi?

(The new FR section will need these two, camera, wifi.)

- 3.4 Q: Does it have bluetooth?
- 3.5 Q: Does it come with a stylus?
- 3.6 Q: Where are the buttons?
- 3.11 Q: Are there any LEDs on the Neo 1973?
- 3.12 Q: Will a JTAG port be made available?
- 3.13 Q: Will the JTAG interface that comes with GTA01 be compatible 
with GTA02?
- 3.15 Q: Are microSDHC-cards like this[1] supported?

Some of section 3 would be cool to get an FR answer (too/instead): 
battery life, some of the USB ones, inputting text, record calls).

(I think "Q: What providers provide the GSM required for Neo1973, or 
Freerunner?" links to the old page, the new is "Carriers", but those are 
so huge, that I never know which is "better" or newer.)

- 5.1 Q: On the lists on lists.openmoko.org, should replies be added 
above or below the original text?
- 6 Historical

Dunno if this helps at all. :-)


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