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Ferenc Veres lion at
Thu Aug 28 23:08:06 CEST 2008

Hi all,

Minh Ha Duong írta, 2008-08-27 23:50 keltezéssel:
>   The secondary (third, fourth whatever!) navigational boxes, like
> the black box on the right side of: are 
> called navigation templates.

Based on your links I found this:

Which is used like this:

I have seen these "navigation templates" earlier on Wikipedia, but I was 
never confused by them the two ways our ones do:

1. Trying to use it as TOC.
2. Clicking on it leads to a page which does not provide the same way to 
come back. (Menu metamorphoses into another, does not do 

> Distributions {2007.1, 2007.2, 2008.8 ASU, 2008.9, FSO, SHR, Qtopia, Debian}

Yes, the idea itself is very good now. I didn't even get the idea before 
you explained what this aimed to be.

Earlier I suggested using a "See also" section instead, and as you can 
see, Wikipedia always has these at the bottom, basically as a "cool 
designed See Also section" (Where cool = easy navigation, because 
similar Planets (whatever) are linked together, they are ordered in 
certain order,etc, regardless this is still just a See Also section).

> I support Ferenc opinion that most other navigation templates are confusing, 
> but I have to say that I do find the one for Om 2008.8 actually usefull.

Yes, should not force them where they cannot create a CONSISTENT 
forth-and-back navigation between a GROUP OF PAGES. I would have not 
even mentioned (or just sent congratulations) if they were implemented 
that way originally.

> So let's try to improve the design of these boxes to see how useful they can 
> be.

Looks much better! No indent -> no TOC look, good point. (Will be even 
better I think, but the one you linked is already better. and it stays 
the same on all pages of the group. Where it does not, the link looks 
different! "(Other distributions)". Very good, thank you!

Referring to these versions:


> References:
> Minh

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