RFC: Combine FAQ and "Neo FreeRunner FAQ" wiki pages

Ferenc Veres lion at netngine.hu
Fri Aug 29 09:46:25 CEST 2008


Michael Shiloh wrote:
> We have too FAQs, which is one too many. There can be a section for FAQs 
> specific to FreeRunner, but there should not be two FAQs.
> Agreed?

Yes good idea!

Please remember the Getting_Started_FAQ which was collected from
frequently asked questions on the ML and IRC (according to original

I agree that


should be merged to the "FAQ" page, but I would still suggest (as wrote
in the RFC: faq thread), some questions to be merged to Getting_Started_FAQ:

Q: How do I get the GPS working?
Q: How do I get the wlan working?
Q: How do I get the Bluetooth working?


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