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Fri Aug 29 12:50:00 CEST 2008

Minh Ha Duong escreveu:
> Two direct questions to Openmoko:
> *  There is a custom namespace already, Openmoko: Which kind of pages are 
> supposed go in it ?
> * Same question with the  Help:  namespace ?

Openmoko: is in fact Project:, same as for instance Wikipedia: on 
Wikipedia. It's usually for meta-pages (i.e. pages related to the wiki 
instead of pages related to the wiki's subject), and it's created by 
default on all Mediawiki sites.

Help: is another Mediawiki default namespace. It's supposed to be for 
pages to help with using the wiki (for instance, editing help).

For more information on these namespaces (and all the other default 
namespaces), see

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