Wiki focus - user versus developer documentation

Marko Knöbl openmoko.marko at
Fri Aug 29 13:58:37 CEST 2008

2008/8/29 Minh Ha Duong <haduong at>:
>> Hi! I already proposed to rename the wiki from "Openmoko" to "Openmoko
>> Wiki" some time ago because the namespace should be "Openmoko
>> Wiki".[1] I'm planning to put pages like "Wiki Issues" "Edit Wiki",
>> "Openmoko Wiki Editing Guidelines" into that namespace as soon as it
>> is created.
>  I support your proposition. Is anybody here against the idea, or do we have
> Consensus ? Otherwise may we proceed to kindly ask Taiwan to ask Germany to
> please implement it ?
> Minh
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As nobody opposed this idea which I listed at Wiki Issues [1] I
already asked Brenda to change the sitename. She has asked the IT to
change it almost two weeks ago, but they did not do it yet.


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