Wiki focus - user versus developer documentation

Ferenc Veres lion at
Fri Aug 29 21:29:53 CEST 2008


Minh Ha Duong írta, 2008-08-29 13:05 keltezéssel:
>   Thanks Cesar. This implies that the  Openmoko:  namespace would be better 
> named OpenmokoWiki, and we should have been using it for pages like 
>   Sandbox
>   Edit_Wiki
>   Wiki_Issues
>   Wiki_Maintenance_Agenda
>   Wiki_Maintainers
>   Openmoko_Wiki_Editing_Guidelines
> Yes ? Do we want to act on this ? How ?

Yes, 100% agree. (I didn't understand the proposal on Wiki Issues, so I 
didn't sign it.)

Do we need admins to make new namespaces? What namepsaces (besides this 
easy one) would we need? As far as I see the Developer and EndUser 
material are planned to be separated this way.

Did you know that ALL (ALL) pages created will need the namespace tag on 
it on creation time, and links to a page will include namespace name and 
that means if you move it later, you must update links?

Let's say John Doe comes in he just bought a very cool battery recharger 
which charges when battery is flat. Offline recharger. He creates puts a 
link in Battery page "Recharger", he writes it, it evolves, time goes 
on, etc, oops it did not have the EndUser:Battery namespace. What now?

For the above listed editor help articles it's 100% ok of course. I am 
more worried about the rest (which is the real content anyway).

Categories are much easier to adjust afterwards. And won't affect links.


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