Ferenc Veres lion at
Sat Aug 30 17:57:52 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I made several category changes. I want to make a plan and propose 
solution, but it was so confusing, that I was unable (tried several 
times) to map the current structure. :-/

I am continuously reading Minh's notes on

too. So far resist creating another taxonomy. Maybe a bit later! I wanna 
move Information, Openmoko and similar category's content to better 
names. I've just killed "Help" category and created "Wiki Editing" 
instead because 90% of Help was Wiki Editing help, but some OTHER help 
too (e.g. FAQ). Help is another too general name what editors would keep 
on picking.

My big question:

Is there any way to replace

"Category" link in the category box?

Instead this - now useless - language flooded - unorganized - list:

I would really love to point it to:

This was existing, it had almost the same "top level categories", I am 
just adjusting it a bit, and I feel it really EASY to navigate based on 
this. (Unless you click the huge list sometime. :-) )

Also easy to peek into other language's category or peek back to English 
category to see if there are more in that language in the current 
category! That's a big thanks to Dolfje for the category languages. I 
expanded it a bit more, because some "/xx" were still in English categories.

I hope I didn't change anything I should not! :-p

I also read parts of the Wikipedia categories guide, and I found that 
"Linux Expo 2008" in Community and Community/Event should not be in 
Community, just in the subcategory. So I moved a lot of events this way!


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