more thoughts on categories

Ferenc Veres lion at
Sat Aug 30 22:38:13 CEST 2008


Minh Ha Duong írta, 2008-08-30 21:09 keltezéssel:
> An index page is only justified if it gives value added to the reader by
> -- Making a thematic selection of quality links within and/or outside the Wiki
> -- Providing a well thought out logical organization that makes it easy to 
> find information
> -- Offering a good formatting consistent with the above goal
> Indexes should be not be painful to maintain. Comprehensive lists of pages 
> cannot be kept up to date and are better made automatically using categories.

I won't promise to keep the manual indexes 100% up to date, but if I 
tend to see there is some use of them when they are well done (you guys 
convinced me).

The problem I originally saw was the 4 indexes I found quite outdated:

As you can see I proposed these for removal and use the automatic 
category lists instead.

While for example this list page is cool:

However it should really have a title saying it's a list of something, 
not a guide.

Michael, let's say some people makes cool lists. So I move the proposal 
to rejected, if you also agree, but still, those four are bad. Either we 
try to spice them up, after we filter all related articles to their 
categories, or we simply propose them for deletion just like any other 
bad page, not because it is a list page.

Do we have a list of good lists?


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