Towards The Manual

BrendaWang brenda_wang at
Mon Dec 22 08:45:40 CET 2008

Minh Ha Duong ??:
>> know where you are so let's get GPS going at the same time. A chapter
>> describing and debating the distros would be a good start and then a
>> chapter for each distro ending up with phones in the same sort of
>> state would then be a good second.
>>> The problem is, the distro's change so quickly that you wouldn't get 
>> anything printed before it was out of date...
> Absolutely. Documenting fastchanging matters is better left to the wiki.
I agree.
> The Manual would rather focus on hardware (case and electronics), libraries 
> (EFL and framework), environment (Hosting, crosscompiling, OE). Then 
> description of subsystems with sample applications. I would also like it to 
> include some human/social aspects: OM's history, philosophy, politics, 
> community...
>> As a result of my posting, I'm already building up the chapter on
>> getting SHR running so I'll volunteer that if it would be wanted.
> Cool. Every help is wanted.
>> BTW. If you need to go from Wiki to a print quality PDF we have a tool
>> that does just that via some simple CSS styles using the Prince XML to
>> HTML converter ( We haven't yet written a
>> complete published book with it but have used it for fully illustrated
>> manuals. Let me know if this is of interest. Sure saves messing with
>> XSLT!
>   I am certain that this is of interest. I suspect that if beyond the software 
> itself, you offer additional editorial services, like technical (re)writing 
> or workflow management, OM may be interested too.
> Yours,
> Minh

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