visited link colors should be different

Ferenc Veres lion at
Mon Jul 21 12:11:37 CEST 2008

Hi All,

I subscribed to send a simple, but very important request:

Please configure the Wiki and Mailing List archives CSS files to use 
different colors for non-visited an visited links. It's extremely 
hopeless to find information I remember, I already found before, in long 
threads or the Wiki.

It's hard to choose a good link to let sure people understand which one 
is the visited, so I link some guidelines: . The "Use different 
colors", 4th section.

I like the idea of this documentation@ list, I hope it will help 
organizing the Wiki. I think, the root of the problems is that nobody 
dares to DELETE information. Even if people thinks, something is 
outdated or invalid, they just ADD to it, never DELETE. (E.g. see 
community portal frontpage with all those backlinks to the dead-old 
wiki.) If content is moved, why not just link to the new content and 
forget the old? (That includes me too, I didn't dare to remove 
back-links, even if they look completely confusing.)

Many thanks,

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