New wiki page: Getting Started FAQ

Stroller stroller at
Tue Jul 22 01:54:49 CEST 2008

Hi there,

I've just started a new page "Getting Started FAQ" for all the  
annoying questions which keep cropping up on IRC on a daily basis.

This FAQ is intended to answer questions from new users who have a  
Freerunner in their hands and who are experiencing difficulties.

Please feel free to add stuff here or even to edit & rephrase my  
initial question & answer. I am probably not very terse.

I thought there was going to be discussion here about reorganising  
the wiki and I was going to raise the matter of reorganising the main  
FAQ, which IMO is presently overlarge, unwieldy and uninteresting.

But with complete silence on the list since its inception I just  
thought I'd add the page & see if it gets any traction.


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