Wiki categories: Guides & User Guides?

Stroller stroller at
Tue Jul 22 02:05:39 CEST 2008

Presently there are these two different categories: "Guides" & "User  

Right now, these categories seem to be redundant - for example I  
would expect "Complete QWERTY Keyboard On The Freerunner" and  
"Setting Date and Time" to be guides *for users*, but they're both in  
the "Guides" category and not in "User Guides".

Brenda: I'm pretty sure you've said on -community that you set-up the  
categories and have been managing them. I'm sorry if I'm overlookign  
an explanation you've posted in the past, but can you clarify for me  
please? Alternative, can someone else slap me if I'm missing  
something obvious.


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