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Stroller stroller at
Tue Jul 22 04:05:19 CEST 2008

On 22 Jul 2008, at 01:52, ian douglas wrote:

> Stroller wrote:
>> Anyway, full URL is
>> I also liked it from the "Getting Started with your Neo  
>> FreeRunner" page
>> Getting_Started_with_your_Neo_FreeRunner
> Yep, it's a good start.
> Per my last Email about organizing the categories, etc., your new
> "getting started FAQ" should also be put in the FAQ and Freerunner
> categories, right?

Done, I think.

I have added to the FAQ category [1] but when I looked at the  
"Categories Index Page" [2] I couldn't find one for the Freerunner,  
only "Support - GTA02" which links to ":category:GTA02 Hardware" [3]

I find this category somewhat confusing. I guess clearly (??) Brenda  
intends the "GTA02_Hardware" to cover all topics applying to GTA02  
hardware (including programs that run on the GTA02, bash scripts for  
setting up networking on GTA02 &c), whereas I would expect it to  
contain all pages *about* GTA02 hardware (USB speeds, wifi chip, GPS  
fix &c).

Surely articles about software that runs on the GTA02 should be in  
the "GTA02_Hardware" category, but just in a "GTA02" category?

Finally, this bring me to the *very* wide use of GTA01 & GTA02 within  
the wiki. Wouldn't "Neo1973" and "Freerunner" be better usage, now  
that production has started? It may be useful on occasion to refer to  
GTA02v3 and GTA02v4, but not very frequently compared to the fact  
that these are both fundamentally Freerunners.

The Freerunner has already exceeded distribution of the Neo1973 by 5  
or 10 times. Many newcomers are getting interested in Openmoko  
because they've read about this cool new Free Software phone that is  
available and because they maybe want to buy a Freerunner. In this  
context "GTA01" and "GTA02" are confusing names.

(As an aside, and relating to my other post this evening, since there  
are already 5x or 10x as many Freerunner as Neo1973, GTA01 stuff can  
probably be removed from the main FAQ in favour of the SH1_FAQ).

> I guess I'm thinking of categories like a "tag cloud" approach ...  
> each
> wiki page should be part of one or more categories, so the categories
> themselves are more generic.

I'm not sure if my comments above concur with your thoughts?



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