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Tue Jul 22 22:11:00 CEST 2008

Hi all,

Stroller írta, 2008-07-22 04:12 keltezéssel:
> On 22 Jul 2008, at 03:05, Stroller wrote:
>>> Per my last Email about organizing the categories, etc., your new
>>> "getting started FAQ" should also be put in the FAQ and Freerunner
>>> categories, right?
>> I have added to the FAQ category [1]  ...
>> [1]

I am a bit worried about having several FAQ pages. Well, the project may
possibly be so large, that it needs a spearate SW and HW FAQ, I am still
not 100% convienced.

Jacob Nielsen about FAQ:

- Too many websites have FAQs that list questions the company wished
users would ask.

- They must be reserved for frequently asked questions, since that's the
only thing that makes a FAQ a useful website feature.

(More on )

> Looking at this page it's not immediately obvious what the MFAQ & SH1  
> FAQs are. The category page is, however, automatically generated, so  
> it's not possible to change the links to, for instance [[MFAQ| 
> Misinformation FAQ]].

That MFAQ, well, it's great that Doug notified an article editor about a
letter-case mistake in 2007, but please, don't reserve 3 pages on WIKI
for keeping track of this.

Move term "OpenMoko" to the page which explains correct writing of
"Freerunner", what I cannot find now! :-(

Or then move both to ? (Unless
the page with FreeRunner vs Free Runner vs Freerunner is a page reserved
for this kind of errors, if you happen to find it.)


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