Wiki categories: Guides & User Guides?

Ferenc Veres lion at
Wed Jul 23 00:24:50 CEST 2008

Hi all,

Last one today. :) Sorry for the nightly flood.

Stroller írta, 2008-07-22 02:05 keltezéssel:
> Presently there are these two different categories: "Guides" & "User  
> Guides".
> Right now, these categories seem to be redundant - for example I  

Actually, "Guides" is an almost empty placeholder (could be rearranged
to better places or are already assigned), while "User Guides" has a lot
of subcategories for various applications. So "Guides" could be killed
IMHO too.

Category names like "Guides", "Information", "Documentation" (in
Openmoko), "Openmoko" should be handled with care, because people will
use them as "put there if unsure". E.g. see pages in .

I think "Guides", "Documentation" could be removed, and "Openmoko"
should be renamed, splitted, content moved. (Most of the content is
crosslinked here too.) Too general term, everything is Openmoko here.

Anyway, are these two the same?

> would expect "Complete QWERTY Keyboard On The Freerunner" and  
> "Setting Date and Time" to be guides *for users*, but they're both in  
> the "Guides" category and not in "User Guides".
> Brenda: I'm pretty sure you've said on -community that you set-up the  
> categories and have been managing them. I'm sorry if I'm overlookign  
> an explanation you've posted in the past, but can you clarify for me  
> please? Alternative, can someone else slap me if I'm missing  
> something obvious.

Most of the categories look well thought anyway. It seems this has grown
bigger than originally planned, thus old general names cause a little

I opened a section here for Category ideas:

How to proceed? Will a Moderator decide on ideas and process them? :-)


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