Wiki categories: Guides & User Guides?

Stroller stroller at
Wed Jul 23 02:35:21 CEST 2008

On 22 Jul 2008, at 23:24, Ferenc Veres wrote:

> Hi all,
> Last one today. :) Sorry for the nightly flood.
> Stroller írta, 2008-07-22 02:05 keltezéssel:
>> Presently there are these two different categories: "Guides" & "User
>> Guides".
>> Right now, these categories seem to be redundant - for example I
> Actually, "Guides" is an almost empty placeholder (could be rearranged
> to better places or are already assigned), while "User Guides" has  
> a lot
> of subcategories for various applications. So "Guides" could be killed
> IMHO too.

Branda forgot to include the list's address when she replied to me.  
I'll assume she intended to do so.

   Yes , I had check this two categories.  Guides is the original one.
   User Guides seems redundant.  I agree with you .

   I will clean up the pages on user guides.  Thanks for the reminding.

I haven't really looked at the subcategories, so I can't really say  
if they're useful.

> I think "Guides", "Documentation" could be removed...

Sure, as long as there's a way within documentation to make a  
distinction between user guides (that give steps 1,2,3 to achieve  
goal X) and technical documentation (which provide resistor values,  
or names of chips).

> and "Openmoko"
> should be renamed, splitted, content moved. (Most of the content is
> crosslinked here too.) Too general term, everything is Openmoko here.

+1 "everything is Openmoko here"


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