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Wed Jul 23 04:03:57 CEST 2008

On 22 Jul 2008, at 08:07, Torfinn Ingolfsen wrote:
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>> We should have some sort of idea/guidelines for when it's okay to  
>> delete
>> old content or move it to new categories.
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> There is also this page, which at the moment doesn't seem very  
> helpful:
> It should at least have timestamps for reporting / fixing issues.

I think that a "citation needed", "fact check" or "fix me" template  
would be ideal for this.

I already mentioned this in the previous correspondence on - 
community, but didn't get any replies:

For instance, the editor of the "Secure_Media" section of the  
"Neo1973_Debug_Board" page [1] has a section in which he has said  
"FIXME", clearly with the intent that its content should be updated  
in the future. Yet there is no way to find that without using Google  

A similar search has just found me the {{todo|finish article}} tag,  
used in page - admire  the  
yellow box. This is clearly useful, enabling us to see all pages  
using it: <>

I think the yellow box that the ToDo template displays should not be  
indented, as currently it's like a banner, implying that the whole  
page needs ToDoing. IMO it should be smaller or not a box at all?  
Perhaps only a yellow highlight of the text? Or no yellow at all?  
Thus it could be used more frequently within articles to refer to a  
specific section or paragraph.

I suggest another template which displays a superscript, like  
Wikipedia's "citation needed". This should refer to only a single  
sentence. I propose "FIXME" for this template.

Alternatively, it may be possible to group these as a single ToDo /  
FixMe category and use slightly different templates to display them  
in different ways? (depending on whether a superscript is preferred,  
because it's obvious the word or sentence referred to, or whether the  
FixMe should have an explanation which should be shown on a separate  

Perhaps we should add a "pages in need of completion" ("incomplete"?)  
template and move many of those currently in TODO over to it. This  
incomplete template should be a large banner, like the  
"Unimplemented" template, seen at [2]; you simply add  
"{{Unimplemented}}" to the page and it is collected at <http://>.

Looking at < 
Wiki_pages_that_need_updating> I see you're right. Pages like this  
that need manually updating are IMO clearly useless. IMO this page is  
a candidate for deletion. Another template?

There are now quite a number of readers on this list. If you don't  
have time to make a full reply, feel free to reply quoting just a  
short section of an email and appending "+1" to indicate your  
approval. Some of this stuff I'd be glad to get dug into, but won't  
because I don't feel that there have been enough opinions contributed  
to form a consensus.


[1] <>
[2] <>

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