New Wiki System: Deki Wiki

ian douglas ian.douglas at
Wed Jul 23 09:15:02 CEST 2008

Christopher Rawlings wrote:
> - All pages are hierarchical - This is a huge benefit for sites
> focused on documentation rather than random subjects (i.e. Wikipedia).

I agree that hierarchical pages are definitely a plus when it comes to

Imagine if you will:

those types of URLs are also *incredibly* search-engine friendly and
much easier to visually identify as a hierarchy of pages.

>From what I've seen of MediaWiki though, it can't handle that style of
URL structure, which is too bad... Perhaps I'm mistaken though.

Still, I must agree with Joachim's follow-up that they have enough
headaches with MediaWiki without having to learn a new system, and
Brian's thoughts that migrating between the two systems would need to be
done very quickly so we don't end up with two wiki's to maintain. All
that to say: I think staying with MediaWiki, while it has limitations,
is a good course of action. Let's just work to clean up what's there.

I do need to say though, the template used, especially with the
prominent orange color, needs to be updated. Perhaps to something that
more closely resembles the site?


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