Official Openmoko Forums

Christopher Rawlings rawlinc at
Wed Jul 23 09:21:04 CEST 2008

Seeing as the documentation list is not just for wiki documentation
but all documentation related to Openmoko, I figured I'd post this

I don't mean to keep ruffling feathers so-to-speak, but....Now that
the Freerunner has shipped and more people have devices in their
hands, what is the chance of getting an official forum on  I know some people like mailing lists better, but this
doesn't have to be a 'one or the other' thing.  The mailing lists can
remain as they are, but I believe with so many people now in
possession of the Freerunner and the mailing list traffic growing too
large, the community would really benefit from a greater sense of
community that a forum can provide.  I know there are some unofficial
forums out there listed on the wiki but there is very little traffic
on them.  The only way this will work properly is if Openmoko adds a
forum to and it gets listed towards the top of the page
along with Wiki, Docs, Planet, Lists, etc.

I did not write this to turn into a "I like mailing lists better than
forums" thread or vice-versa.  I believe that Openmoko will be doing a
disservice to the community if an official forum never gets created
(and if it does happen, it needs to happen fast, especially
considering all the confusion surrounding the different phone


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