New Wiki System: Deki Wiki

Christopher Rawlings rawlinc at
Wed Jul 23 09:36:30 CEST 2008

On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 12:15 AM, ian douglas
<ian.douglas at> wrote:
> I agree that hierarchical pages are definitely a plus when it comes to
> organization.
> Imagine if you will:

Exactly, take Mindtouch's own FAQ for Deki Wiki as a great example of
this (all FAQ sub-pages included in the parent page through

> Still, I must agree with Joachim's follow-up that they have enough
> headaches with MediaWiki without having to learn a new system, and
> Brian's thoughts that migrating between the two systems would need to be
> done very quickly so we don't end up with two wiki's to maintain. All
> that to say: I think staying with MediaWiki, while it has limitations,
> is a good course of action. Let's just work to clean up what's there.

I don't know what kind of headaches the admins are dealing with right
now, so I respect the decision to stick with the current wiki (even
though I really do think Deki Wiki would provide added benefit :-P).
Again, just for future reference, keep in mind that Deki Wiki has a
mediawiki-to-dekiwiki converter that could theoretically be used to
perform trial run transitions and then a final 'production' transition
within a couple of minutes...


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