the answering machine

Ferenc Veres lion at
Wed Jul 23 10:51:07 CEST 2008


Stroller wrote:
> It looks like the current Voice_Mailbox wiki page is simply a  
> wishlist and unless anyone is implementing its specifics then that  
> page is pretty much useless.

Please note, that there are many pages like that. These are - as I see 
them - plans for software, and good place to collect ideas, links to 
possible ported software and so on. These pages are for keeping track of 
what SHOULD be included in the phone, to evolve the system to a general 
purpose smartphone. (Hehe, nice.)

Authors of these pages designed a template to include the most important 
information easily.

More examples are:

I think the idea of keeping the Wiki as planning platform is also 
important. Of course it must contain {{unimplemented}}.


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