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Joachim Steiger roh at
Wed Jul 23 15:52:17 CEST 2008

hi there.

please take a look at

that one shows the mailinglists in a forum-esque style and also enables
people to post (bit more complicated since one needs to have a
nabble-account first and also be subscribed to the ml, but thats not
unusual for forums(complicated sign up)

adding a real, additional forum would ,in my eyes, complicate the
problem even more.
also we have lots of developers who clearly state they would not read
and not answer in a forum. (me included)

also i myself do not have the time for yet another medium, especially a
inferior one.
means it would be only another piece of bitrot, unmaintained, only
populated by people who have questions, but not by the ones who also
have the answers.

thus i do not see this happening. please use nabble if you really need
to read mail in a online-only, one html skin for all-way.

kind regards


Joachim Steiger
Openmoko Central Services

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