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Ferenc Veres lion at
Wed Jul 23 22:38:59 CEST 2008


Justin Wong írta, 2008-07-23 07:10 keltezéssel:
> We need a unified approach to diagnose and fix this problem. I think
> we need to identify the problems before implementing any solutions.
> Otherwise, the solutions implemented might not even solve the
> underlying problems.

Yes, I agree. How will we do this? We cannot discuss every little
editing issue or recommendation here. I think the guidelines will be
based on findings in the current content, identifying problems and
identifying the already existing good solutions.

One of you is currently writing a

so maybe that will answer my question. :-)

Anyway, it's not easy for one person to decide what to do with specific
pages. Should we do voting page on the ?

If someone thinks that a specific change proposal is incorrect, he/she
can add objection. We could add a * as a vote, agreeing, and when
something reaches let's say 5 stars, action will be taken.

Well, any better ideas? :)

Of course, in some cases a good reasoning must be stronger than many
votes. We can always take the important ones to this list.

We must keep the cancelled ideas in the Wiki_Issues to avoid readding
them, but we should remove the finished, resolved ones.

Additionally, we could notify the initial creator or most active editor
of a page when voted for termination or integration into another page.

We also need a wiki administrator contact, to request changes which are
not permitted for general users.


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