Wiki maintainers best practices?

Ferenc Veres lion at
Thu Jul 24 00:18:45 CEST 2008


Torfinn Ingolfsen írta, 2008-07-23 16:27 keltezéssel:
> My first  input to such a list is this:
> - when you create a new page on the wiki, add it to you watchlist (you
> can always remove it from your watchlist when it has stabilized)
> - check your watchlist regularly to keep up with the evolution of any
> pages you have created
> My apologies if this is just "business as usual" for experienced wiki
> maintainers.

I added this idea to
so that people gets the good idea. Best practices could go there.

I also cleaned the "Helpfulness" section on this page: renamed it to
"Use categories" and made it easier to overview. Taking another useful
advice from Nielsen:

Non-Scannable Text [is wrong]:  (Section 4.)

I've added a list of related maintenance pages as "Tools" section to

If there are some more, please add. However, I don't see any chance that
editors can maintain a manually maintained list like:


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