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Ferenc Veres lion at
Thu Jul 24 01:21:57 CEST 2008

Hi all,

Did we agree to use the Categories as main organizational unit? And also
as Tag Cloud?

A little guide on choosing categories would be cool, here I list some of
the ideas I got from browsing:

(all includes "if applies" or "optional")

Hardware pages should belong to

 1. Phone
    - GTA02_Hardware
    - Neo1973 Hardware

 2. Related hardware item page, examples:
    - Accelerometer
    - GPS
    - Battery

Software pages should belong to

 1. Phone again

 2. Hardware item again

 3. Status
    - Implemented
    - Not implemented
    - In progress

 4. Software stack
    - FSO
    - ASU
    - GTK (are ASU and GTK missing or have another name?)

 5. Input type
    - Stylus based
    - Finger based
    - Status application
    - Panel application (actually last two looks redundant)

Documentation, getting started, etc

 1. Phone

 2. Audience
    - User
    - Application developer
    - System developers

Note that I listed existing categories only (except ASU and GTK,
probably they have different names, but not even the ASU article is in a
related category!)

 3. Platform
   - Emulation

Well, I listed what we already have in place. :-) I won't be suprised if
someone sends a link to a document already explaining eactly this.


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