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Thu Jul 24 11:44:34 CEST 2008

On 24 Jul 2008, at 06:57, Justin Wong wrote:
> ...
> However, I am seeing many individual efforts and not much effort as a
> team. If we continue to work the way things are going currently, not
> only are we going to get duplicated and wasteful work, but our efforts
> will also be fragmented and possibly going in different directions.

That's what this list is for.

Could you please respond to existing requests for comments already  
posted on this list in the last few days.

I have already asked:
- what should be the purpose of the FAQ?
   - a random collection of Qs and As?
   - is size important?
   - splitting into multiple sub-FAQs?
- should we use & reorganise templates as suggested?

Please start with the first post to this list, read every one, and  
reply to every message in which the author has requested your opinion  
(assuming you have one to give).

Only when a *number* of people replying to *specific* topics can  
consensus be achieved.

If we don't have agreement or disagreement, people HAVE to take the  
"Wild West" approach.


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