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Thu Jul 24 12:15:42 CEST 2008

On 24 Jul 2008, at 00:21, Ferenc Veres wrote:
> ...
> Did we agree to use the Categories as main organizational unit? And  
> also
> as Tag Cloud?

I don't really object to this.

As you follow on to discuss, it's *which* categories we should have  
that is important.

> ...
> Hardware pages should belong to
>  1. Phone
>     - GTA02_Hardware
>     - Neo1973 Hardware

Let's change these to "Neo1973 Hardware" and "Freerunner Hardware",  
in order for clarification (as discussed in a couple of previous posts).

It means a bit of work removing the GTA02_Hardware tag from each page  
currently using it & replacing it with the Freerunner_Hardware tag,  
but it's clearer for newcomers. GTAxx numbers now only make sense  
when discussing prototypes, or differences between GTA02v3 & GTA02v4.

>  3. Status
>     - Implemented
>     - Not implemented
>     - In progress

Comment related to this in my next message.

Otherwise those categories _seem_ fine to me. Can we add categories  
later, or do we need to decide in advance what categories are  
necessary? If the latter we all need to take a CLOSE look and see if  
any are missing that will be needed in the future.


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