Layout of wiki's automatically-generated "Contents" box.

Stroller stroller at
Thu Jul 24 13:06:17 CEST 2008

It seems that the wiki software automatically generates a page  
"Contents" box once a page has a certain number of headings.

IE, once you create:

== Software ==
=== Phone dialler ===
=== Address book ===
=== SMS Messaging ===
== Hardware ==
=== GPS ===
=== Wifi ===
=== Screen ===

There's this box automatically created with links to each section at  
the top of the page:
1 Software
1.1 Phone dialler
1.2 Address book
1.3 SMS Messaging
2 Hardware
2.1 GPS
2.2 Wifi
2.3 Screen

This box seems to be created immediately above the first "==" and is  
lacking any white space, so that visually it "crowds" the first  
heading. If you put any additional line breaks in above the first  
"==" then they go above the "Contents" box, bit below it.

Does anyone know how to change this, please?

You can see this on my pet page: 
The bottom of the box is "crowded" against the top of "2007.2 factory  
default software image" and just a couple of lines of white space  
would aid readability. Is the "Contents" box a user editable  
template, or is it hard-wired into the wiki software? Is it possible  
to change it? Does it require Openmoko's IT guys to change it?

Thanks in advance,


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