Documenting config files for various apps

Hans L thehans at
Thu Jul 24 22:23:42 CEST 2008

Yesterday I found out how to edit the applications menu on 2007.2
image, and replied to two messages on community list about how to do
this (.desktop files stored in /usr/share/applications are used to
populate the menu)
I think this info would be good to have on the wiki(if it's not
already there), but where should this sort of information be placed?
In a FAQ?  Should we try to make a page about each
application/component of the distribution, and how to
configure/customize it?  Does this application menu have an official

Also, I tried searching the wiki for info about the menu application,
and found this page:

The screenshots show the very old mockups, which I think have long
since been abandoned(they still use the concept of moko wheel).  It
seems like this page is obsolete.  Can and should we delete it to
avoid confusion from newbies?  If so, how many other similar pages
exist like this?


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