Documenting config files for various apps

Stroller stroller at
Fri Jul 25 03:46:25 CEST 2008

On 24 Jul 2008, at 21:23, Hans L wrote:

> Yesterday I found out how to edit the applications menu on 2007.2
> image, and replied to two messages on community list about how to do
> this (.desktop files stored in /usr/share/applications are used to
> populate the menu)
> I think this info would be good to have on the wiki(if it's not
> already there), but where should this sort of information be placed?
> In a FAQ?

Hi there,

I have noticed this question being posted a couple of times now and  
considered myself posting the answer on the Getting Started FAQ. I  
haven't been playing with my Freerunner much yet and would have to  
research the matter, so I would be grateful if you could post the  
answer instead.

I think this would be a great candidate for the Getting Started FAQ  
("I've installed a program using opkg, why doesn't it show on my  
phone's menu?") but the full answer should only be placed there if it  
can be answered succinctly. If it needs more than a couple of  
paragraphs (see the length of existing Q&As there) then it should  
probably go somewhere else, but I don't think this applies, so post  
back if it does & we'll further discuss where to put it.

>   Should we try to make a page about each
> application/component of the distribution, and how to
> configure/customize it?

I think this would be quite a bit of work, so I wouldn't consider  
this a priority. After all, isn't the 2007.2 framework depreciated?  
If you're volunteering then by all means feel free. Perhaps start a  
single page to begin with and split it up into multiple pages once it  
becomes to large?

> Does this application menu have an official name?

No idea.



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