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William Lai will at
Fri Jul 25 09:59:27 CEST 2008

Justin Wong wrote:
> Thank you, Michael, for the follow up.
> It would be great if Brenda has the time and resources to lead this
> project.  If not, I hope Openmoko endorses someone to coordinate
> efforts, maintain focus and keep this project on track.

I think what Brenda can do is this:  guide people on the different 
technologies available, where certain pages are, etc.
If you are asking for a leader in the typical 'giving orders', she will 
not do this.  She works best in a moving environment, so please just 
feel free to take over.  She will stay very much involved, like any 
other community member, but we don't have to wait for her 'orders', she 
will not give out any.

Is this okay with everyone?

So lets get started!
If someone would like to step up and take a leadership role in 
organizing a group that, that is perfectly fine.

I personally believe that we need to just dive in and keep everyone 
posted on their work, keeping everything transparent about who is 
working on what and which sections.

Looking forward,


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