wiki reorg - Main Page

Brian C brianwc at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Fri Jul 25 16:35:19 CEST 2008

Clare wrote:
> --------someone said.
>> I'd have to disagree here. The purpose of the Main Page is not to
>> house content, so nothing *informative* should be on the Main Page.
>> The Main Page should be a launching pad to all the other information
>> pages.
> This nearly broke my heart..  Did you read a book about it or something?
> We have a beautiful page with lots to be learned withut ever having to
> leave that page.
> Do you think I want to spend my time being carted all over the wiki at
> your behest.
> I have seldom felt so angry.
> If as usual I am alone in the way I think, well and good. But hopefully others
> will speak up in favour of something that "isn't broke" and "doesn't
> need fixing".
> clare

Well, for starters, if people are going to get heart-broken and angry
over the content and organization of wiki--which by it's very nature is
designed to be constantly changed by anyone--then the documentation team
is in for a long hard job.

But on the substantive issue: I agree that there is too much information
on the front page right now.  I disagree with those who say it should
contain NO information.  There is a balance in-between, where some
important details are conveyed without having to scroll down a lot and
where links are provided to the other information people are likely to want.


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