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Fri Jul 25 19:15:07 CEST 2008

Thank you very much for the direct Response Stroller :)

I think this is a great idea and addresses my question 100%. I did not
see this previously and apologize. 

So that leaves me with....where are we at with this? I have been swamped
at work and have not had much time to peruse the site in the past 3

Are we moving fwd w/ this idea? 

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On 24 Jul 2008, at 23:46, Josh Monson wrote:
> ...
> So at this point, I guess my question would be of the following...Say
> it's been a few days since you have been able to check this lists
> emails, and you find yourself w/ a few hours of free time, or time you
> would like to dedicate to the wiki. How would one quickly find out
> something you could edit or organize that would be productive?  
> Email the
> list and wait for a response? Go to the wiki page and just find
> something you feel should be different? Etc.....

My proposal for TODO / FIXME templates would address this. You could  
simply look at the "TODO" category and see every page in need of  
work. Perhaps we should add a "in need of updating" category? That  
would be more general and better for outdated pages than those which  
have a specific line or paragraph which needs addressing.

I addressed both these questions in this post:

I would be grateful if you were to reply to that, even if it were to  
say "naw, this is a stupid idea". (But as I see it my suggestions DO  
address your proposals).


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