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> Clare wrote:
> > --------someone said.
> >> I'd have to disagree here. The purpose of the Main Page is not to
> >> house content, so nothing *informative* should be on the Main Page.
> >> The Main Page should be a launching pad to all the other information
> >> pages.
> >
> > This nearly broke my heart..  Did you read a book about it or something?

I think we need to be careful, in that we are all here because we believe in
OpenMoko, and are willing to commit our time to help. We will have different
opinions naturally; the contents of the main page being an area important as
a first impression. We could devolve into endless arguments, so I'll just
put my opinion for what its worth and move on.

I think that's what was being said; we should quickly move people to the
area of interest rather than having information for multiple audiences on
one page. That does make some sense I think, but having no content at all
probably doesn't. I think the text summaries at the top are actually pretty

I would suggest having only a few links below that relate to each audience:

- Potential Users - people considering buying a Neo.
- Users - people who just want to use the phone as shipped.
- Application Developers - developers who want to write programs for the
- Platform Developers - developers who wish to contribute to the development
of the platform.

However, regardless of what we do, there are ways we might consider
organizing ourselves into a distributed team. One problem is that we could
spend all our time communicating instead of writing. One way we might
address this is to have a page that lists out the areas we will write about,
and allow people to take responsibility for that area.

That page could also list all the wiki team so we get to know each other
rather than names in an email. We should also accept that people will have
different ideas of what should be done; we can't have the entire team need
to agree on every page; although obviously the major pages should have some

Another idea; one from software development; we should probably have a
system where once we write or modify something we have one other team member
review it just to make sure there are no errors on it.
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