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Clare claregj at
Sun Jul 27 07:43:56 CEST 2008

On Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 2:35 AM, Brian C <brianwc at> wrote:
>I think that's what was being said; we should quickly move people to the area of interest rather than having information for multiple audiences on one page. That does make some sense I think, but having no content at all probably doesn't. I think the text summaries at the top are actually pretty good.

Looking at it again, I still think the front page is very good, but
might be even better if the first part was separated off and the
latter parts linked to it in the ways that a lot of people are
My take on all this is that the framework is only a part of what needs
doing, and is actually, thanks to Brenda, now the least urgent.
What is important is to make sure that all the information is
accurate, findable and timely.

What we have right now is a big and eager audience in the buyers of
Freerunners, and they are continually frustrated by lack of pages
addressing their needs, not getting started, but going on from there.
The real urgency is getting the current happenings and Freerunner
details into the wiki. The Community and support mailliing lists,  if
you look at the subjects as collected in the archives for July, offer
an insight into the areas of problems for that big group of people.

I was amazed for example at the content of a Subject sequence "What is
Exposure?". The frustrated users were not pointed at the wiki, but the
problem was largely solved. So that is the kind of thing we can hope
that Wiki Writers will pick up and run with.

Sorry I keep butting in, I was too late to get into the main group,
and am not in a position to promise time. So I do appreciate the
efforts being made. Unfortunately I have never been able to understand
the mindset that thinks a newcomer is not interested in everything.
Especially when the reason for coming here would be to get an
appreciation of the overall topic, the people, the technical
challenges, and the methods being used to tackle them.


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