Import contacts wiki page script error

Ferenc Veres lion at
Mon Jul 28 22:59:12 CEST 2008


Dylan Reilly írta, 2008-07-26 04:32 keltezéssel:
> The script to remove all contacts on the "Import Vcf Contacts"
> ( page does not seem
> to work with latest 2007.02 builds (in my experience). I modified the
> "manage contacts script" to also perform this duty to compensate. I
> would normally modify the wiki page directly, but I do not have a
> place from which to host the modified script. If anyone would like to
> take change of the matter, I can provide the script or the diff to the
> existing one.

If it is about the same length like the scripts on the mentioned page, I
think you could use the <pre></pre> tags to include it in the page's
text. (I regularly do that with another Wiki, which has code syntax
highliht too, useful even for those who just wanna see how the script
works or reuse parts of it.)

This way the page won't depend on "linkrot", removal of the script at
the hosted third party location.

Anyway, why not contribute the patch to the "manage contacts script"
author? (Where is that, what is that?)


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