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Ferenc Veres lion at
Mon Jul 28 23:46:06 CEST 2008

Hi all,

Stroller írta, 2008-07-25 07:35 keltezéssel:
> Generally I think stuff like:
>    Openmoko, born as a Free Software project under GPL and LGPL license,
>    is dedicated to delivering an open software stack on mobile  
> platforms.
>    Openmoko shipped its first product, the Neo 1973, on July 9 2007
>    ... one aim: create great mobile products using the Openmoko stack:
>    Open. Mobile. Free. ... includes a full X server, allows users and
>    developers to transform mobile hardware platforms into unique
>    products
> Should be on the front page. It just needs pointing to more useful  
> resources.

Yes, the introduction is good and should be there.

I also like the boxes as good jump points, however their content needs
serious changes. (Links colors are unreadable.) Many of the good ideas
were already listed here, I don't know if adding some more thoughts will
lead anywhere. :-)

The current boxes are confusing, there is a little of everything in
each. The mentioned 3 main sections of the "portal" could be reflected
by these boxes, using them as main starting points.

I would take Potential users and Users to the first two boxes, and leave
the Developer stuff for the second two.

Some brainstorming. Based on the already existing links.

- openmoko community -

= About openmoko =
== About openmoko ==
- What is OpenMoko (FAQ - later cleaned up)
- Neo FreeRunner phone
- Why OpenMoko
- Community Updates
== Getting OpenMoko
- Where to buy? - Online shop - GroupSales
- GroupSales
- Supported Hardware
- Distributions

= Users =
== Neo Freerunner ==
- Getting Started with your FreeRunner
== OpenMoko software ==
- Community Projects (Share your projects?)
- Snapshot (about the same section as currently)
- ASU software stack (and the rest)
- opkg

- join the development -

= Application Developers =
== Developing applications ==
- toolchain
- MokoMakeFile
- Python intro
- Summer of Code 2008
== Emulation ==
- Qemu
- Xephyr

= System Developers =
- debug board
- OE
- MokoMakeFile (here too, it builds OE too)
- uboot
- kernel
- gsmd

> We might as lose the picture of the "Openmoko Software Stack" because  
> it doesn't add sufficient value (and I'm not sure how valid it is).  

Hehe, yes, that must go. Put a phone pic instead.

And "includes a full X server," text should not link to the Xephyr
emulation article. ;-) Short intros about the boxes could be used for
some "extra links", like they are, currently. E.g. the "project
resources" link.


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