official clarification: flashing from NAND/NOR uboot.

Ferenc Veres lion at
Wed Jul 30 20:00:26 CEST 2008


Can we have someone from OpenMoko confirm some of the facts we are
documenting? Should we post those here with a special subject prefix? We
may also need clarifying some information we find unsure. We cannot test
all cases. Or should we post those on community? (I am not subscribed.)

First one from me:

Flashing Kernel and RootFs can be done in the NOR uboot mode, but not in
the NAND uboot mode.

Correct / Incorrect?

I am following guides

It does not explicitly state either, but NOR is said to be for
"developers", which is then incorrect, non-developers will also want to
flash. I tried with NAND and didn't do anything (I tried that, because I
was afraid of being called "developer" (I am acting a user).

Documentation advices NOR, but on IRC I got "any, unless flashing the
uboot itself".

Many thanks,

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