William Lai will at
Wed Jul 30 23:38:21 CEST 2008

I couldn't help but come across the maemo wiki main page:

Which I think is very clean and to the point.
There are 4 main sections to choose from, which then lead to deeper  
topics within the site.
Starting off with:

Hot Topics
User Documentation

Each section is then narrowed down to show 3-4 links, yes, 3-4 links  
only, with the last one being 'more topics'.  I honestly can't help my  
urge to want to dive in this wiki right away.  Here's the thing.  Our  
main page has too much noise.  We should be thinking about how to  
limit ourselves and ONLY show what we believe are the top 3-4 topics  
within each section and stick with it.  I totally agree with those  
comments about removing clutter.  Reducing will only generate more  
curiosity in people's minds, it's also the first law of simplicity:

We have to reduce before we can organize.

Peter Harrison posted a few days ago about organizing ourselves into  
distributed teams.  Did this happen already?  Is there a 'main page'  
or 'navigation' team?  If so, please count me in.  That's where I want  
to start.

So, thanks for listening.
Do check out the maemo wiki, it is in my opinion, well thought through.



p.s. we need this page badly in our wiki:

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